Lisa’s Story

Lisa has been helping people connect to their loved ones since she was a little girl. She often knew things that no else did. Initially this scared her, but she learned about her gift from her grandmother and embraced the teachings. Lisa’s first awareness of her gift was at 3 years old. She learned very quickly that not everyone supported her or believed in what she was able to do and often kept quiet for fear of judgement.

As a young woman, Lisa worked in Social Services and was a foster parent to many. She loved making a difference and had a passion for creating change.

In May 2012, Lisa’s deceased grandmother visited her and asked her to share her gift with others. Lisa began to provide medium readings a couple of days a month. Her accuracy and ability to connect with the other side has amazed crowds. The stories about her readings have spread across Canada and the United States making her one of the most sought after mediums in North America—selling out events across Canada.

Lisa hopes to tour the world spreading messages of love and hope. She is deeply honoured to do this work.

With thousands of people waiting, Lisa’s wait list is a lottery procedure where names are chosen each month by Spirit.


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