Group Sessions

Lisa will connect with spirit with your family and friends in a comfortable group setting at her office in downtown Winnipeg.

Lisa will spend your session minutes connecting with various loved ones. This is an intimate setting to experience the power and love of spirit and their connection to you. A $100 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required to secure your tentative appointment date. Once we receive the deposit, your appointment date and time will be confirmed. Currently, Lisa does her readings in her office and not in private homes.

Group readings are $439 + GST for 50 minute group Sessions (4 people) OR $895 + GST for 110 minute group reading (5-7 people).

Participants will be able to share the scheduled time among themselves as they desire.

Pricing and reading length are subject to change.

Pricing takes effect for all new bookings.

Group Sessions FAQ

Do you do group sessions in people’s homes?

No, at this time Lisa does not do group sessions in people’s homes.

We all want to talk to different people. Is that okay?

You are able to use the time connecting to spirit the way you want to. This could mean “free style” where Lisa will read the group as a whole, or divide the time into short individual sessions among those in attendance.

Can people each pay their portion of the reading?

Yes, people can split their portion and pay separately. Lisa is able to take cash,debit, Visa, or Mastercard in office.

Does everyone get a message?

The time is yours to decide how people receive messages. Please remember,  Lisa cannot guarantee specific spirits to come through.

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