My Story

I remember from an early age knowing and sensing things that others did not know. I accurately predicted many events to my friends in grade school, which scared them. I learned to be quiet about my gift because I didn’t want to be laughed at or made fun of.

As I grew older, I eventually discovered that I was naturally psychic and even more, could connect with those who have crossed over.

In 1996, I began to read intuitive cards for fun. I quickly became busy and decided to read professionally. My client list grew quickly as each satisfied client excitedly shared their experience with friends and family.

I began to see my gift as a something to be honoured. I read to provide hope to others that there is life after life and feel that people choose me to help them connect to their loved ones.

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“Being able to connect has given me such peace.” I have helped hundreds of clients have a once-in-a-lifetime experience to connect with those they love. Read More Testimonials


Connecting You to Spirit

Personal Readings

In a personal reading, you will spend quiet time connecting with Spirit, through Lisa Scrivens. Your loved ones will be able to give you validation and messages to communicate with you.

You will spend 25-30 minutes connecting with those who have crossed over.

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Group Readings

Lisa will connect with spirit with your family and friends in a comfortable group setting at her office in down town Winnipeg. This is an intimate setting to experience the power and love of spirit and their connection to you.

This service is perfect for 4-7 people.

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Since the age of three, Lisa Scrivens has been seeing and hearing Spirit. It is her life purpose to share the messages of love and hope Spirit send from the afterlife. Lisa enjoys inspiring others to connect to their own guides and intuition so that they too may experience a more connected life on their path of growth and change.

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